Baroque Circus

Circo Barroco is a choreographic show that fuses contemporary and classical dance, aerial dance, circus arts and theater from a playful and imaginary place. The play is a reworking of Miriñaque, an original idea by Alejandra Gonzalez Anaya. We re-visited this place, this invisible circus, infinite place, parallel universe, where extraordinary and everyday stories are created and inhabited.

The stories of Vuela Corp. are born in the Circo Barroco, memories, reflections of reality, dreams, ambitions, desires. Here there is no time, only the purpose to reflect the soul of the characters, to tell with our dreams, our reflections, our way of seeing life.

We seek to be honest, to transmit the idea and the desire to fly, to leave behind the cage, the infinite peephole, the limitations that the human being himself invents to be unhappy.

The play proposes the desire to break with the past, to break with the cage that it has created, to live what is and enjoy the moments that make up life. It seeks to understand why love also seems to be a constraint, an external cage invented by us.

Awards received:
– Award for Best Choreographic Show at the Lila López International Dance Festival of San Luis Potosí 2007.
– Nomination for best choreography in Lunas del Auditorio Nacional. 2008 Edition

Mexico City Theater
Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz
Chihuahua, Chihuahua and in Cd. Juarez

Dates of presentation: July 2007
Number of audience: 10,000 people