CDMX: Pride of Mexico

A Flashmob was held in which three massive postcards were taken forming the acronym CDMX and in which hundreds of people participated, in 3 emblematic places of our city. The main actors of the Flashmob were all the citizens who wanted to voluntarily join the cause.

This great event was held at the esplanade of the Monument to the Revolutionthe esplanade of the Palace of Fine Artsand subsequently, 21 acrobats descended from the Latin American Tower to form in the air the third CDMX.
The purpose of the project: to exalt the values of teamwork, union and coexistence, sharing the pride of the capital’s inhabitants of being part of one of the most important cities in the world, Mexico City.
With this activation, a unique and extraordinary image was achieved that traveled around the world, showing the name “CDMX” in iconic places of our capital city.

October 23, 2016

Monument to the Revolution: 500 volunteers
Palace of Fine Arts: 800 volunteers
Torre Latinoamericana 22 professional acrobats