Vuela Mexico

Mexico unites to rebuild its wings to fly. In this piece we revisit the attempts and dreams of human flight. Humans not only fail to help each other, but also incapacitate each other to sabotage their flight mission. Something happens that reminds them of their light and isolated, Mexican, human condition. The affinity of their essence gives rise to the development of a passionate dance of harmony and freedom. The Angel of Independence emerges as a symbol of celebration in this presentation that spreads hope and freedom. Produced by Marco Balich, “Vuela México” was the segment for the Bicentennial Celebration of Mexico’s Independence.

Awards received: Catalogued as one of the most significant moments of the night of September 15 in the Zócalo, scenes from Vuela México were among the most published images in the national and international press.

28 cast
Place: Zócalo,MexicoDF
Filing Dates: September 15, 2010
Number of viewers: More than 80,000 spectators present, millions of viewers around the world.