Only Those Who Love Fly

A show full of magic that tells the adventures of the great Kukulkan, through aerial dance, classical, contemporary, music, and theater, which together seek to impact your life forever. Solo Quien Ama Vuela is an invitation to an unforgettable night, to an alternate universe, a starry sky full of characters, images and unforgettable experiences. Solo Quien Ama Vuela is the story of the great hero Kukulkan, whom we will meet as a human being, as a king, as a God. For children, he will be a superhero whose weapon is his love for men and the universe. His adventures will make us experience the process of transformation of a human being and we will realize that through small acts and decisions we are able to face our fears to be better human beings and thus find the path to joy A play for the whole family. Solo Quien Ama Vuela is a play that invites you to recognize that if you love yourself, you can love others and thus transform the world. Vuela Corp. invites you to fly because Only Those Who Love Fly!

Venue: Open Air Theater Tabasco Park
Number of functions: 34
Dates of presentation: May 12 to 29, 2011.