Central American and Caribbean Games Veracruz 2014

The company produced and directed “Vuela Veracruz: Un Sólo Corazón” Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Veracruz 2014 Central American and Caribbean Games. The human spirit flies to celebrate sport, unity and the cultural diversity of Central America and the Caribbean.

Veracruz, one of the Gateways of the Americas: a meeting point of civilizations, a mosaic of cultures, languages and traditions. A show that reflects a new balance between the past and the present, the human being, nature, the body and the soul.

Athletes are the best expression of human greatness.

The Voladores gather where the Flame of the Central American and Caribbean Games will burn. They will be there to remind us why our rituals exist and demonstrate why they are important.

Humanity is transformed in the challenges of athletes, in their commitment, discipline, tolerance, empathy, persistence and glory. We are all a better team because of our Athletes.

Nearly 23,000 live viewers and more than 150 million viewers through national and international signals and web streaming.